Need help regading building auto image slider with 5 images slide at one time

I am putting my query first time in this forum, so kindly let me know if any mistake.
I am developing a website for my client. He want a auto mated image slide, in which instead of sliding only one image at a time he require 5 images to slide. Or other option is there will be buttons for next and prev , on next button 5 images should get slide.
How can i achieve this using Html css and javascript.

Hi @kedarpawgi,

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Here is an option you could consider.


It’s lightweight and works in vanilla js, no jquery needed.

Coincidentally the first example is a slider that slides 5 at a time.


I may well have got the names mixed up. Glider.js doesn’t appear to have an autoplay.

If you need that functionality you could consider Glide.js as an alternative — glider vs glide, you can see the easy mixup :slight_smile:

Here is the link.

Still lightweight and again doesn’t require jquery.

Not very pretty, but here is a quick demo I have put together using Glide.js

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