Need help! Next steps in learning web development

I’m trying to build up a portfolio to get a front-end web development job.

I took courses on Codecademy and Udemy in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. I’m at a stage where I don’t want to keep going through guided courses.

I need to start doing something with my coding knowledge.

I have a couple of questions:

  1. I found this site that gives you front-end projects to work on:
    Would this be a good option for creating a portfolio and getting experience?

  2. Is there a way I could learn to layout websites with simple designs? I’m not much of a visual artist, but I would like to code some pages from scratch.

Thank you very much to anyone who could help me!

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Hi thrasher,

To continue learning I recommend the Mozilla Dev site both for beginners and seasoned devs that needs handy tech references.

A simple start example:

I do already use MDN for reference.

I know HTML, CSS, and some JavaScript already.

What I need are ideas for projects for my portfolio. Front End Mentor sounds good.

Also, I need a book / guide that will help me layout simple, but attractive web pages. Then I can code them.

What about a simple example site that explains how a web site works, for an idea?

You could give examples of what is important when it comes to navigate, examples of page structures and why that is.

Read up on semantics and accessibility (here and elsewhere). Visit long time guru Jakob Nielsen project to get an idea of what’s important and some common mistakes:

Check out books here at Sitepoint Premium.

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