Need help: making text/image appear and disappear

Hello everyone!
It’d be appreciated if any of you could tell me who could I make text or an image appear upon connection to the website (Welcome, enjoy your stay) and disappear forever in 2 or 3 seconds after that, just to wish warm welcome to the people coming to the website without having to click on a button?
Many thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

You’d need JavaScript to do that, but I’d advise against it. It’s not very accessible or usable, really, and most people find it really annoying. It would be like greeting people at your front door with a friendly “Hi! Nice to see you!” and punching them in the face at the same time. The overall effect is negative. :smiley:

Why not just have some normal welcome text on your Home page?

To make it “disappear forever” you’ll either need a cookie or combined with a session ID. For those of us who don’t store cookies or delete them regularly, the message will come back regularly or every time. A great example is, if I’m visiting these forums with Chrome browser, because I remove cookies every time I use that one, I’m constantly confronted with some “tapatalk” something-something popup. As Ralph said, this means Javascript.

That aside, you could have a top bar appear and disappear. An example is at there’s a checkbox there, but in your case it’s not asking a question so you’d just have it vanish after several seconds. I find this type of “popup” much less intrusive and they generally fit into a page design better. They can also be adapted to mobile layouts easier I think.

Users with Javascript off simply don’t get the message, no harm.