Need Help: Java Linked List

Hi i was just need some help on this task:
I dont know how to start. Can someone help me start this task.

Derive a SortedLinkedList<E> class from the java.util.LinkedList<E> class in such a way that the items of a sorted linked list are sorted in ascending order.

Additional assumptions:
To store club members you should use SortedLinkedList<E> class. Club members should be sorted in the ascending order of their surnames. If two members have the same surname then the first names should decide their order. You can assume that each member has exactly one first name and exactly one surname, and that no two members share both the first name and the surname.

Thank you

  1. Read java.util.LinkedList

  2. Override appropriate method(s) and add functionality as needed to create a SortedLinkedList.

  3. Do your own homework, but feel free to post your code, along with errors you’re receiving, if you get stuck.