Need help in selecting a computer for web designing

I want to buy a computer specifically for web designing? I have searched high and low for some solid guidelines, but I have yet to find any really good ones.
I have a budget of about $800 and I am looking to buy a refurbished
desk top. What features/hardware should I have on the computer? From what I read so far, at least 6gb on the RAM, 1TB on the hard drive and at least 1mb on the video card.

Can anyone shed some light on this especially with specific brands and hardware.


Welcome to Sitepoint!

“web design” doesn’t usually require much in the way of an ultra-powerful computer, but it depends what aspect of web design you’re doing.

  1. Coding/HTML/CSS and general image creation/manipulation
  • pretty much any reasonably priced computer would be fine, for your $800 I think you could get a decent spec brand new Windows based PC. 8gb memory and 1Tb disks are just making an appearance on mid priced PC’s, here in the UK anyway, but a 4gb/500gb disk setup would be plenty.
  1. If you do a lot of graphic design and/or video editing
  • you’ll probably need a higher spec machine to cope with huge files, processor intensive software, and storage space
  • memory (RAM) is usually the key thing here so get a machine that has plenty, then go for the best processor you can

Where are you located?

$800 in the US will buy you more than down here in Australia.

I think those specifications got warped it is unlikely you’d require 6 GB RAM in contrast though only 1 MB Graphics Card is a complete joke or typographical mistake.

Like was mentioned unless you are hugely into multimedia editing you won’t need as powerful a machine. Something like; 2-4 GB RAM, 250-500 GB HDD, and 256-512 MB Graphics should be more than capable of doing the job on a fairly low costing.