Need help in dropdown list alignment

Hello friend i am making a billigual website where i like to align my drop down list like facebook like for arabic just see this link. where see the arabic is alinged from right to left tht i know i need to know…see the drop down list of their where the click button is aligned inthe left side how its made if any body know the coding just tell…or tell the way…waiting for your reply frnds

This would be an HTML question, not a PHP one…

and in my browser, the text is left-justified still. So… not sure what you’re talking about.

To set the base text direction for an entire document, set the DIR attribute on the
HTML element. Also there is BDO Bi-directional text that defines an element that has different directional content. Although it looks like they are using scripts.

See following for more in depth rules:

hello friend just see the facebook arabic drop down list i dont need the text alignment see the drop down list care fully where the button of drop down list is aligned on the left side how can we make it thts what my question …i think you got it.

That Recommendation I linked to told you exactly how you are supposed to do it and which method to use because if you notice on that Facebook page they used CSS so when disabled it will NOT work! See:

body { 
text-align : right;
direction : rtl; 
unicode-bidi : embed;

However, that is basically how they did it with CSS which was also mentioned in the above W3C Reference. Perhaps you didn’t understand the recommendations well-enough but that will place the SELECT drop-down arrow on the left.