Need Help in Choosing Magento Hosting Provider

Hi All,

We are planning to launch our ecommerce store this month end. I would require Magento Hosting Recommendations.

Something that can be easily scaled as the traffic increases.

Thank you…

hi nucklear,

you may take a look at for magento hosting. Hosting Magento nowadays is quite straight forward and you can easily host it with them. Obviously, you can always start small and when the traffic increases, you can simply contact them to upgrade your server. I cannot see that this is an issue at all
Hope this helps :slight_smile:

As far as I know, Magento is not the easiest script to host. Quite a few hosts will probably steer you towards a VPS. Personally, I’d try to get feedback from other Magento users on the Magento forum

You can also try to use this search in Google: “ hosting” for a quick look at past topics that could help you.

One host that I know of to be specializing in application hosting, and Magento in particular, is Crucialwebhost, but I never used them myself. They’re a small-mid sized company, something that comes with both advantages and disadvantages.

Thanks ldcdc. That helped. I am going through the board now…

We’ve only just left our reliable hosting company of a few years, because they had no idea how to help us with our multi-domain Magento store and the server configuration thereof. We then moved to Hostgator and have been using a VPS higher level hosting account for a few weeks. However we’re about to leave it as the performance isn’t very good at all and it’s costing a small fortune.

I’ve been researching hosting companies with specific experience in Magento hosting because Magento cannot be run on standard hosting, as our experience shows. I’ve just found this company and the research I’ve done into customer reviews seems excellent: I can’t recommend them yet but we’re certainly going to be testing their service very shortly.

If you’re having big performance problems you should definitely work through the Magento tuning checklist - while Magento is slow, we don’t do anything special to host the sites we have with us and they perform well.

There a many hosting sites that provide good service. My personal experience has been good with bluehost and hostgator, both of these have been around awhile and to be around for any period of time you have to being doing something right. They offer all the up to date features and applications you would need. There are many other sites I’ve heard good things about, godaddy has some good aspects, but I think they are more primarily known for domain names.