Need help identifying font face

Can anyone tell me what font faces are being used on this website:, and the image below?

I think the E must have been hand crafted. I imagine the base font might be Bickham Script Pro Regular but not quite. The characters have a little more variation than in Bickham.

Any clues?



The font on the “Welcome” is Bickley script. Identified on Whatthefont just by the ‘W’. Is the body font part of the logo too. Captial would take me longer than I have right now.


I am trying to replicate the original logo, which I have embedded into this page, as the first image. However, I have been unable to find a Bickley Script font as bold as the original. As you can see, the second is finer (I have substituted he Bickley capital “E” for the E in Bickham. . The Bickley font provides no “Bold” or “Strong” option in Photoshop. Is there any other way I can achieve a bolder effect?

Hi Paul, there are a couple of ways to thicken up the logo. Some give you more control than others. The first is Faux Bold which you can find in the text palette of Photoshop. It makes a fake bold but can vary from font to font and some look ugly. The second option is to apply a stroke to the text using a layer style. You get to adjust the thickness by using a combination of the stroke weight and whether you apply it to the inside of the font, the outside, or the middle. You will see the effect it has on a font and I suggest you do check. Some fonts won’t pull off having a stroke applied to the outside, it will make them ugly and ruin the flow of the letterforms. Here’s an example with Bickley. (apologies for spelling ‘Essentials’ wrong)

Thanks. The layer stroke style works great!