Need Help - Google Slap

Hi Guys,
I just have a quick question regarding one of my websites which got Google slapped back in April last year. Most of the pages (95%) of my website are still indexed in goggle but they are no where to be found even in the top 100 results.

I took my website down from the web in December last year and recently put it back online. The question that I have is if using the same domain name would be OK or will getting a new domain name be more profitable in this case.

Appreciate your help in advance.

[FONT=verdana]It depends on why you got “slapped” by Google. Presumably the domain failed to meet the quality guidelines, or was considered spammy in some way.

Provided you have fixed the problem, then it would be better to stay with the same domain. That way, any incoming links that you already have will stil be of value.

If you have not fixed the problem, then there’s no point in doing anything until you have done so. After all, whatever the reason for your demotion will still apply. You need to tackle the root of the problem. Simply posting the same site under a different domain won’t necessarily do that.


First get the reason for why Google slapped your website and fix the problem for this, then only you will be profitable otherwise once your site get cached by Google will the same domain name, again the same problem you will face…

it depends on why your website was slapped. and If you find that reason is curable then best to use the same domain.
Remember its hard to rank a penalized domain then that of a new domain.