Need Help -> going to buy PR5 to PR8 Links

Hello All,

I am looking to boost a few websites traffic by buying quality back links, my idea is to get to top position for a couple of keywords, I think I will need to buy at-least 4-5 PR 7/6 back-links, the niche is not very competitive as the top listed website is with PR4,

I have a couple of questions

  1. What do I need to look into when buying back links?
  2. what type of back links should I request, follow, do follow, no follow etc
  3. for how long do I need to keep these paid back links?
  4. Do I need to be consistent with back link text (e-g all back links should be with same title as ’ Web Design London’ or I can try ‘Web Design’, ‘London Web Design’ etc

Thanks for your help.

@ waji:

He´re my considerations …

  1. First and most important!! Stop to focus on PageRank as a ranking criteria. You want to boost your site - PR has nothing to do with search rankings, traffic volume etc.
    If you want to buy links, be sure that you buy them from relevant and high quality sites (same topics, good usability, unique content), differents IPs, same language, same hosting country, different PRs
    I would focus on ranking visibility of the keywords you want to rank for, therefore you could use free analysis tools like the teliad RankingScore. Search for relevant links at their platform, you certainly will find some good quality links to boost your site.

  2. You definitely should focus on do follow links. No follow links would not pass you any link juice. Nevertheless, you should try to maintain your naturally looking link structure. This means that you should also keep some no follow link. The percentage of nofollow links should be about 10-20%

  3. link building is a continous process. You should try to build your links in the long term. Your paid links should bring some positive ranking effects after a few weeks or at the latest months. If not, cancel them. Generally, it´s important to analyze the links you want to buy. Because if you start quitting links weekly you arouse suspicion. You should also combine your paid links with other nonpaid back links.

  4. You definitely should vary your back link texts. DO´s: Use your most important keywords, vary them, user your brand. DON´T´s: Using the same anchor text all the time, using texts like “learn more”…

Good luck

Yes, I would agree that if you’re looking to buy links based on their PR, you need help :rolleyes:

Any bought links should be marked as rel="nofollow". If they are correctly nofollowed then search engine spiders will completely ignore them. If they are not nofollowed, you risk having your site blacklisted if Google finds out that you’re buying links against their regulations.

The only way that buying links can help you is by bringing direct traffic – ie, real people who are reading the website with the link on, and who are tempted to click on it and visit your site.

Really pleased someone mentioned the nofollow part. Also you’ve got to consider if you start to get a large batch of links pointing to your website with high PRs, will this look natural to Google? The big G may get suspicious!

Thank you so much for valuable suggestions, all of you.

Can you please also suggest, what should be SEO strategy to improve search visibility, if not buying high PR links.

My advice for getting better ranking visibility is to analyze the sites where you could get a backlink:

What are they ranking for? at what position, what is the level of competition for these search terms? the better they rank for your most important keywords the better will be the effects for your ranking.
For this purpose, you could simply start relevant search queries at google (also try search terms like inurl, intitle, etc.) or use the ranking visibility score I mentioned

keep three things in mind when you think about improving your rankings,

  1. Quality of baclinks
  2. Quality of content
  3. Social media reputation

Number of backlinks are less important, rather, their quality matters the most.

Get quality backlinks from,

  • Trusted directories
  • Social networking websites
  • Social bookmarking websites
  • Popular blogs of your niche

It may sound familiar but, create useful, interesting, unique, relevant content. Over time, other websites will want to link to this kind of content.

Do some keyword research. Find search terms that people use to find information in the same niche as your website. Create a useful, interesting, unique, relevant and optimized webpage for each search term.

Finally, I agree with other posters; forget pagerank. It’s ranking in SERPs that really matters when it comes to gaining organic visitors from the search engines…

The problem with that is the person who made the thread seems to be interested in achieving top ranking for his/her keywords. Making those links no-followed won’t really help as far as ranking is concerned. I think if a site has been around for quite a while buying just a limited amount of links may not get that site penalized. Since buying text links is something that Google is against, it simply means that there are risks that are involved when making that kind of decision.

I agree with greatar4… given that the domain has some history and you stick to some of these other suggestions (e.g. getting links that are relevant), you should be in good shape. Google will only haunt you if you would for example get links from poker sites pointing to your website (that is unless you do work for the poker site and they link you for that reason and say: check out our design company that came up with our new logo)

@waji: Also I wanted to comment on 3) for how long do I need to keep these paid back links?

From my experience I would advise you to generate only links that will point to your site forever (whatever that means in this fast paced internet world;)) … at first your site will bounce around when you optimize it - that is a normal process - but in the long run having a sound backlink structure with a gradually increasing number of quality links (again relevancy) that will stay there will stabilize everything and you are good to go…

if you are try to buy links check:

1>PR of the links with a gud PR checker site.
2>Accept it if it is do-follow(chk it with nodofollow firefox plug-in)
3>Also check is it theme based or not(and type of backlink).

If you buy a link that is not nofollowed, you run the risk of having the link ignored completely by search engines (best case scenario) or being blacklisted completely for flouting their terms and conditions (worst case scenario).

If you want to take that risk, it’s your choice, but don’t come running back here crying because Google has dropped you like hot lead when it has found out that you’re trying to cheat the system.

  • Getting quality backlinks from the dofollow site is more important
  • Submit your site to the directory Dirbull, it has pr8
  • Get backlinks from more relevant sites

not only buying links with good PR will help you to boost your traffic, your site must be well optimized for search engines. Your site must be updated with some fresh and unique content frequently.

Got to agree with Stevie.

It’s just hard to take that risk. If Google penalizes your site, it will definitely be a hard slap.

Suggest you just work on building links naturally by providing valuable content/service/product on your site.

How will Google know weather you link is paid or not?

Say you had a link on two sites that are both relavent and high PR (say they were good competitors for this example). If you paid for one and the other was just given without asking, how does a search engine know the difference?

Don’t do it.

I have to agree with that advice.

I’ve never bought a backlink and I never, ever intend to pay for a backlink.

Of course, you will hear from plenty of people on the Internet shouting out how they bought backlinks and have scored top spot in Google’s SERPs. These people may well have a product to promote or sell.

And, I guess you would not tend to hear from people who have purchased backlinks and received the infamous Google Slap! Why shout off about how stupid you’ve been?

High PR links is not the only thing you want to look at, there is much more: outgoing links, CopyScape, quality back links of the high PR site, sites in search are related to the site you interested in, etc. etc. :slight_smile:


Before Buying Links Check The Site Of The Company ,There indexing on Google,you should go for do-follow links,well there are many companies who offer good package with 1 year guarantee go for them.and about the keywords go for different keywords not the same one.

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