Need help for this kind of Login Authen

I need some help please,I never try this before in creating log-in,I want to achieve is that the user can logging-in to my site using there accounts in yahoo,Gmail and even Facebook account. just like I found some other site having this kind of log-in.I have no idea how can i accomplished this,I hope someone can help me on this.

More input greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance.

Are you familiar at all with the OAuth 1 and 2 standards? Each of the services you mentioned support one of these protocols for logging in and accessing resources. Of course, since these are industry wide standards each service tends to have it own special version and gotchas.

There is a Symfony 2 bundle which gives examples for various services. I don’t think it is very well written but it is worth reading the documentation.

What you can do is search for “provider oauth api” where provider is google,facebook etc. The Google and Facebook api’s are good places to start. They support oauth2 which is fairly easy to understand. Twitter and Yahoo use oauth1 which is more difficult to implement.

Another approach (perhaps a bit easier to get started with) is:
It lets you connect to a certain number of providers for free.

note, for a single-sign-on login you need an account on each of the websites you want to use as you need to register your app in their developer console.

Thank you I will try your solutions.