Need help for my project Js plz


I am stuck on two exercises for my examination for the 1st I must:

Create a folder

Add 10 text files with long paragraphs

Create a page that has the following forms :

load files that has an entry to put the file link and a button to insert the file name into a table ( array )

a select that loads the filenames from the array

a button that reads the file and displays its contents in the page

a button that removes the file from the table ( array )

a button that sorts the table in ascending and descending order alternatively

and for the 2nd I have to: Create a script that shows a riddle ( enigma ) to the user to answer before seeing the content

for example: what is the largest country in the world? the answer is: Russia.

the questions and answers of the riddle must be stored in a table ( array ).

the table has several questions and each time the page loads a random question is chosen.

either the answer is correct or false, a text that says true or false will slip from the top left corner to the lower right corner of the screen (this

animation must be done in Javascript and not in CSS)

Welcome to the forums, @tarekjimmyy.

To help you, we need you to show us the code you have so far, and explain where you are stuck. As there seem to be two separate exercises, it might be better if you create separate threads for each, with the relevant code and a clear explanation of the help you need with each.


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