Need help for my Domain

Can I ask some help please, I have existing domain name that we purchased in go daddy, now I want to stop the subscription in go daddy, and I want to migrate my files to google compute engine,and I want to purchase domain name in google, but I want to use the same domain name that I have in go daddy. Is it possible ?

Thank you in advance

As long as the domain name is registered in your name you can use it on any hosting site. You need to alter the DNS settings on the domain name control panel from the Go daddy servers to the new server and it is quite straight forward.

In some cases when you sign up for some of the web building sites and they give you a “free domain name” the name is not registered to you but to the web building site. This can be a problem as they might want to sell you domain name at an inflated price.


Thank you for the quick reply…I am bit confuse, can I still access the control panel in go daddy if I stopped the subscription and also the domain name ?

Thank you in advance.

You will have to try and see if you can access the control panel.

The domain name should still be yours ( unless you let it lapse ) and so you should still have access to it through the control panel even if you can not access the hosting part.

okay, what about the email,I am worried about the email because we use this to some other transaction and some payments.can we still use our email ex: ?

Thank you in advance.

In the new hosting control panel you just set up your email address again with the password. The email address is linked to the domain name and so wherever the domain name goes so does the email address.

Thinking about I do not know how the google compute engine works and assumed it was similar to a normal hosting site.

Ok thank you I will try…what about the amazon ? this is also my 2nd option,but I have no experience in amazon…is amazon also great ?

Thank you in advance.

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