Need help finding specific template design

I’m creating a site for work that will help me display information about the computers my group supports. Most of the templates I see are not really designed to display large amounts of tabular data.

I’m looking to create an opening page that is a dashboard page that I can see key information about the systems that we support and then child pages that show the bulk of the data.

Spiceworks has a good example of what I mean by Dashboard:

As I said the other pages would have Master pages that have containers for just showing tables with more detailed information about the systems.

Anyway, with all that out of the way, does anyone have any links with templates that would meet my needs? I really want to create the design myself, but I need some ideas to help me get rolling. Thanks.

Spiceworks looks to be a project planner. It that’s what you need, there are several open source ones that you can customize or play with to suit your needs. This link lists 25 of them for you to review.

Thanks for the reply. Actually it’s more of a inventory system than a project planner.

I wrote this last night when I was, shall we say, a little confused :slight_smile: Anyway, I’m not looking for an entire system to give me data, but looking for how to display my data clean and professional looking. I’ve been checking TemplateMonster, but as I stated those templates aren’t ideal for displaying tabular data. I guess if you break it down I’m looking for ideas to style tables in a very clean way :slight_smile: Also templates for dashboards would be helpful as well.