Need help finding a theme

Hey every one… I have a very important question and at the same time got very high and can’t find any post related to my question…anyway… please help me if you know anything about it…

I need to make an online store… which every individual can open their own account and profile page by paying an small fee and then sell their very own products and posting pictures and video in it about their products and with 2 click the customers could but it… and my company just will do the shipping… so i was looking for a really good theme that already exist…something like eBay… so i could buy that theme…but unfortunately couldn’t find any help from Google… If you do know anything about it or you could help me to get one somehow please don’t hesitate … thanks… and plz gimme the link for buying it or downloading it i don’t know… I’m very new at this…:slight_smile:

It’s easy enough to get your own shopping cart … but to set up a site where others can create their own carts requires a lot more than a theme. You need a whole system for that, which a team of programmers would presumably have to set up for you.

An alternative might be to sign up with an online cart provider as a white label reseller or similar, so that you use their services under your own branding.

Thanks dude :slight_smile:

It looks like a Multi-Vendor solution will suit your business needs. You will have not just an online store, but a kind of an online mall where multiple vendors will sell their products and pay a certain fee to the root admin. If you look for Multi-Vendor on Google, it will give a lot to look through. Hope it helps.