Need Help Creating File Upload Site!

Dear All I Want To Create A New Website For File Uploading Having The Following Features.

* Admin CP
* Security
* User/Guests
* File Limitation/Extensions
* Latest/Most Viewed/Rated Files

Please Suggest How To Start & From Where I Start To Build My Website?
Should I Create Admin Panel Or User Permission First Or Some Thing Else…

Yeah I want to start from Admin Panel First…
Let’s Share Some Of Your Idea Regarding This Site…
How Much SQL Tables I Need…
– Users
– Admin

Please Suggest For The Above Features In My First Post…

Hi moxet,

Welcome to the sitepoint forums!

Well it is upto you where to start. But you have to start from the Admin panel but decide yourself where to start depending upon your requirement. If your super admin also falls under the user permissions (user management) then you can directly start from managing the users first then go for rest.


Got Your Point…
But I am Not Asking To Give Me The Whole Project Or Database Structure…
Just Asking About How Much Tables I Need?

It seems you are going to ask the whole project here. I think no one is going to tell you the complete database structure here. Forum is not to ask the whole business ideas and code for whole site, use it as a helping hand when you get stuck technically somewhere them come here.

But lets see if someone is going to give you a complete table and their structures. BTW, why don’t you search in google before you re-invent the wheel yourself. I think you will a huge list of results in google if you search “PHP Image Gallery”.