Need help creating a minimal admin ui

Hello everyone,

I am in need of somebody who can help me create a ultra clean and minimal admin ui.
My idea for a ultra and clean admin ui is a div panel that I could slide open by clicking a button.

That would open a panel depending on where the button is located.
In that panel there would be a few button for all kinds of actions that a admin would have.

All the actions that need to load custom options will be opened using a modal.

Hopefully there is somebody who is willing to help me.
I will give and keep the credit in the files.

Best regards,

What is it you’re looking for help with exactly? Do you have anything the members could take a look at? A Codepen perhaps?


Well I suck at creating a decent minimal and clean ui.
I am in no way a ui designer.

So I am looking for somebody who can make the slide panel for me.
Would love to see how somebody actually makes a ui element.

I made some templates back in the day but it was always a just good enough template so I am just looking for somebody who would want to take over this small task for me.

And of course I know it is not as small as I think but I honestly suck at design itself.
I can only code with php.

Hopefully I provided enough information.

@concept_core we can help you with something you have already started to get it working, but I very much doubt anyone here will do the job for you.

I understand that.
Like I mentioned I am no designer, but because im not a designer doesn’t mean I am not gonna help.

If someone is willing to help I will do my best and create the basic idea and then go on with that.

I completely understand that nobody is gonna do my job.
Unless I pay them and I wouldn’t learn from that.

I would like to at least thank both of you for replying and I will start create the basic idea on codepen.

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Look forward to seeing that.

Here is the beginning of the pen.
I will continue working on it on my phone.

( my girlfriend is on my laptop till she needs to work )

I have edited to a barebones idea.
But I would like to have when I click the button the panel slides to the right and the button sticks on the panel.

I wouldn’t know how to achieve that.

Anybody ?

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