Need Help Creating a Learning Management System

I’m developing a Learning Management System (LMS) for a client. The basic features that he requires are course addition, removal, modification, progress tracking & reporting over cloud. As i’m new to development so i’m facing some problems due to code complexity & cloud connectivity. I have decided to get the work done by an eLearning software development company as suggested by my partner.

Kindly suggest me a suitable framework & additional features that can be included to make it a successful project.

Mark B.

If you say you are new to development, suggesting a framework won’t really help you much (unless you plan on learning your ways around the tech used). I think it’s best you suggest functionality rather than the framework (although you can technically achieve anything with any framework nowadays).

Give the company you’re partnering with the requirements and let them deliver the best possible solution for your client. You can in the meantime learn to use the tools or framework they’ve used or start finding a developer/freelancer that will help you with changes to the project going forward.