Need help converting frames code to css

Hello all,

I am working on a project, and trying to convert a frames based website to css.

The website uses 3 frames

The code is :

<frameset rows="100px, 120, *" border="0"  frameSpacing="0" >
	<frame name="LOGO" frameBorder="0" marginWidth="0" marginHeight="0"  SRC="header.jsp" scrolling="0"  />
	<frame name="MFRAME" frameBorder="0" scrolling="auto" marginWidth="0" marginHeight="0"  SRC="menu.jsp" />
	<frame name="MAIN" frameBorder="0" marginWidth="0" marginHeight="0" SRC="start.jsp" scrolling="auto" />
      		<p>"Ihre Seite unterstützt leider keine Frames"</p>

The css code is :

<div id="heading"><%@ include file="header.jsp" %> </div>
<div id="middle"><%@ include file="menu.jsp" %></div> 
<div id="footer"><%@ include file="start.jsp" %></div>

The 3 positions are so declared in css style sheet :

#heading { margin-top: 20px; text-align: center; }
#middle { text-align: center; margin-top: 150px; margin-left: 100px; margin-right: 100px; }
#footer { position: relative; bottom:0px; text-align:center; padding:10px; height: 5%; width: 100%; background-color: #f4f3f1; float: left;}

The problem is that only the header.jsp page could be displayed (in the heading position).

It will be great if yxou could help me fixing this problem.

Hi elmouad. Welcome to SitePoint. :slight_smile:

So how do you want this page to appear? It’s not clear to me what layout you are shooting for.

elmouad, if only the header include is appearing… you might need to post some HTML. I mean, view the page in a web browser and View Source (or ctrl-u) and that’s what we need to see.

Then as ralph said it would help if we knew how you want it to look, but if you’re not even getting content appearing now, the CSS can wait.