Need Help Buying a Website

Have you bought a website? You need to buy a website that makes money, because sites on flippa can be expensive.
I will tell you why you should not buy websites with no revenue. You have to do all the hard work, seo, ppc, other traffic sources.And there is no gurantee that you ever will make a dime.
You should see a website as a business and no one buys a business that don´t work.
If you want a good website buy it private.
If you want more infos send me a pm.

buying , finding a profitable ,running websites requires some decent money
For E.g
if one site is earning 300 USD month,then you can find the purchase price will be 3000-5000 USD ( The 10-12 times of its monthly revenue)

if you are buying the sites with no revenue streams for 100 bucks or more surely its a ****! Instead of this you can start your profitable portals by setting up through buying turnkey scripts and promoting it.
Scriptsdump web hosting review script, [URL=“”]agriya Groupon Clone script
is the one of my favorite solutions.
You can find your own programs by getting around online.

You can not only by setting up your own income but also you can sell it out when the sites get some decent traffic and income

May be take a domain - host it in a server - find wordpress themes - install wordpress and install the theme you like most and your site is done. Then experiment with content or the way you want - this way your time that you will invest will be accumulate in your domain may be in worst scenario you can also sell your site and get back some of your money. Just my personal view.