Need Help Buying a Website

hi im new to this forums and i had a few questions about buying a website
if i were to purchase a website do i need any special skills to run it?
i dont own any websites at this time nor have i owned any in the past,
im really interested in buying one
i dont really know what i want but i know it has to be cheap seeing as how it would be my first one and i need to experiment.
the purpose of owning one would be to ultimately have it produce some income
i have seen some on that go for as low as $300 with of couse no traffic and no revenues but its automated which is what im looking to get into first and with the possibilities of income with ad sense and all that…how reliable is that?
and if did have the possibilities of generating any income what would it take for me to get it there?
any info would be great

If you just want to experiment, you might try creating a site at services that offer them for free. No sense in spending $300 to play around when you can spend $0 to do the same thing.

Try or is easy to play with and you might learn a few basics there. Move over to when you feel a little adventurous. Still easy to use, offers a lot more toys to learn from.

Looks like you’re in for a lot of fun and research. Take your time. Learn it - then earn it. A lot of mistakes people make with monetization (like Adsense) are based on rushing into things without knowing how they work.

Since it’s your first site I wouldn’t bother buying one, you’d be better off starting from the ground up and learning the basics. You will need a certain amount of knowledge to change the site no matter how automated it is, and you will want to change the site sooner or later.

Experiment and learn before you jump in feet first.

i have seen some on that go for as low as $300 with of couse no traffic and no revenues but its automated …with the possibilities of income with ad sense and all that…how reliable is that?

The difficult bit is not the buying a domain and sticking a template on it. The difficult bit is getting the traffic and making the money.

I wouldn’t advise you to start with a “template” site, but one that’s already established and generating a profit even if it means saving up a bit more first.

My guesstimate is that 99% of those template sites in Flippa end up with the buyer abandoning them. Even Flippa’s (previous) marketing manager - who made a big show of buying one of these sites to show how easy it is to make money with it - quietly shelved the site he bought and didn’t talk about it again. My guess is that he couldn’t walk the walk and prove his point. My repeated attempts at getting him to confirm that it’s a lot more difficult than he claimed in the past met with no response.

So they’d like you believe that these sites are great ways of starting, that you simply need to put a bit of effort in and you’ll start seeing the benefits …

Some saps believe it!

thanks a bunch for the advise guys im going to play around with the free blogspot and go form there

Nice, buddy, congratulations that you finally take the first step to generate income from your site. Just as you’ve said, do more experiment and see what you can get.

Good luck.

I want to buy a website for Small Business

  1. i need to buy domain name and host place
  2. i need to have set emails and credit card and pay-pal into
  3. i need a lots of space for pictures and catalogs
  4. which is the best website to use and best price
    and I need website that help me to create design could any one help me.

you can try godaddy
but use blogspot is also a good choice, I think it’s free and much more easier to be indexed by google and get high PR.

thanks…for suggesting godaddy

try you will get several benefits as per your requirements u have mentioned in the message

I have to chime in here and say that with my best site, I bought it as a template and just took it from there. It was a great deal for me, but only because it was on a subject that I knew something about. That made it easy for me to take the template and run with it. For templates that would be about something I know nothing of, things would not have gone as well.

My suggestion is to go slower.
300$ is not much but an offer:
You can get scripts for under 100$. Different areas, different templates, niches, etc. Automated or non automate. With content or no content.
If you get a script from a decent firm … they will help you install it or even give it to you turnkey.
You can go to affiliate marketing to make some money.
Why do I say slower:
You will have to learn how to use the site, how to update content, how to promote, etc. this takes some time but do it right. don’t hope to get much money BUT expect to learn a lot of information.
PS. Some scripts even come with content.

Im not sure why everyone is suggesting against buying a site?

Why not?

$300 is nothing to spend. Buy a site, and learn how to run it. Theres no point investing your time towards a free hosted account, when it could be removed at any time for reasons beyond your control. Especially if you intend on monetizing it with adsense.

Hey Pal,

It depends on whether do you buy the site for your own personal use or purely for business.

If you intend to use the site for your business, I would strongly suggest you go and buy the site (it seems to me you would like to start an online business, correct me if I am wrong).

Reasons for my suggestions:
(1) to build your creditability and your potential clients will also trust you.
(2) for branding purposes
(3) it looks more professional too

As for getting a site is easy, but ultimately, is your quality traffic to your site determines your income.

Just to share:
Traffic + Conversion = Income ($$$)

If you have no traffic and your site do not convert into sales, you simply do not earn any income from it.

So getting a site is your first step towards your online business.

You still need to drive traffic to your site and let your site does the selling for you.

Hope this helps.


My suggestion is buy a site name and then link with free hosting service that will you judge correctly.
Free Hosts like blogger and you will also earn revenue but not word press as no revenue.


$300 with no traffic and no income? Let me sell you a couple…

Seriously, buy a .info domain name and a $9.95 hostgator hosting and experiment with wordpress. Takes about 30 mins to install if you know what you are doing

Im not sure why everyone is suggesting against buying a site?

Why not?

Because there are a million ways to scam a buyer. On my forums we have an entire section on due diligence - what to check before buying a site - and I can tell you there are some real horror stories out there.

But for those who know what they are doing or are willing to learn, there’s still a fair amount of money in websites.

They are right, try building your own website. It’s useless to buy a site worth $300 with no revenue and traffic. If you don’t want to create your own site, I’m sure you can find sites in Flippa that is $100 or less.

You can buy a site as a newbie, however, if you know nothing about making money online, you may be wasting your money up front. $300 is a lot of money if you do not know anything. To learn about making money online from a website, I suggest you sign up for the formerly known as 30 day challenge at and go through the excellent training at no cost to you, then after you learn about it, go and buy a setup site for less than $300, build traffic and work to earn.

Harry, that’s the best idea if your not into the internet marketing business. And also not an easy task to get revenue from sites, expertise in the arena of internet marketing and search engine optimization can do that.

Also the purpose of having website matter much!