Need Help...Best Design Solution For Accomadating a long description

I have this products page with a list of products.
Everything is Good About the Design except that for some products the description is too long , and cannot be accommodated in the Box.
Since I am not much of a design person , I would like to have some Ideas on how to solve this problem.
Please find a snapshot attached…
We Have limited time and resources…So we need a quick fix…There are a couple of ideas in my mind , but unfortunately they are time taking.
Some pictures have a new tag on them on the top right corner.


Is there a reason you can’t have a product page for the product? If you have info in a small box, typically you just have a little bit of information anyway and then maybe a read more link to the product page. Really the only way to accommodate more text is to make more space. If you can’t do that, you need to put it on its own page.



I don’t think there’s any magic quick fix for this unfortunately. As Shawn said, you’ll need to create more space or cut down your information. If it’s worth doing at all, it’s probably worth taking the time and money to do it right. A screwed up product description will take a big chunk out of your conversion rate I’m sure.

The answer is simple, the quick fix is just add scroll to the description box. I believe it`s overflow:scroll; - so here it is the quickest fix.

Do you really think it is a good idea to change something in the DB , like the info stored, just because at the moment we don’t have a better option to display that info??
Personally I feel , if the problem is with design, it should be solved in design , not at the backend…I would like to know your opinion on this …

The only reason why we can’t do this is that we are running out of budget and time!

Thanks for replying everyone, there is one more thing that one of our team members did, I would like to have your opinion on that too…perhaps this is not a standard solution , but what they did was, creating a modal for the product box attached to a magnify button , which on click revealed the modal, on the page the product box only contained the basic info, i.e product name , id and price if it exists and the rest of the info was on the modal , which looked very similar to the product Box in the picture. except a bit larger in size.