Need Help adapting web page to Firefox

Fair enough. I said Firefox because it’s what I use. Safari, Chrome and Opera will all work just as well.

To be honest, I do too (FF), not for any love for that browser but because I’m often too lazy to do best practices for this particular rule… I usually have at least main containers written and positioned before looking in ANY browsers. This is actually a bad habit of mine. The best way to write cross-browser is to check every set of declarations in everyone at once: F5, F5, F5, F5, F5.

With Firebug, you will get a small icon in the bottom right corner of firefox that looks like a bug. That will toggle your console.

Click on the HTML tab and you will see your html code. You can dig through your html structure there and find any elements that are causing problems.

Alternatively, you can right click that element and click “Inspect Element”, and your console will jump right there.

In the right pane of the console, in the style tab you will see the css styles being applied to that element. You can edit those styles, add new ones or delete useless ones in the browser. They will not persist through a refresh, they are for testing purposes. If you find a change that works, you will have to place it in your code for it to be permanent.

Thanks for your quick reply but how to deal with firebug and css?

Hm, is that why trainees keep ending up dead or missing around here…? : )

For future reference, post HTML (you might need to do View Source in the browser to get all the HTML) without the server-side stuff.

Looking at this, I really don’t see a good way out of this… font tags… this is very outdated and was clearly written for IE’s benefit. Anything you do to get it working in any modern browser is going to change how it looks in IE (I am a bit surprised that it’s looking ok in IE8 with the complete doctype, or possibly you are forcing people’s versions of IE8 to act like a quirky IE7 with that compat line).

Even someone expert in CSS would have a lot of trouble trying to fix this. You know those rotting old houses in New Orleans after sitting for weeks in floodwaters after the hurricane? Would you fix them up, or replace them entirely? Fixing them up will take more time and you’ll still have mold growing in your lungs.

There is a lot of positioning going on (is default and master that you posted all of your CSS?), which makes things more brittle and delicate. Even if we left the _top style IE hacks out, a lot of that positioning would be removed to work in other browsers I believe.

As a trainee, who are your trainers? Have they been working to make this steaming pile work in FF/other browsers all this time (if so, what have they been doing?)? Or are you the first to actually look at their stuff in a non-IE browser?
I see some line mentioning Chrome… is that the google browser, Chrome? Someone checked in another browser.

Ameno, that’s a little more than necessary. We need the rendered HTML code. Please load the page, view the source and paste that. The ASP itself will get in the way of any attempts to help.

fot the html source code I sure sent it. but it says that it wouldn’t displayed until a modarator examins it. how lucky I am

Nah, just open the page in a browser, choose View Source (or similar wording) and you’ll get the HTML code as the browser sees it. You will be able to highlight all of it and copy it. You can paste it as plain text here in the thread, wrapped inside [code] tags.

For posting images in this forum, I’m very glad I have my own server. If you have those images sitting on the server, you can post a url to it.

Like this:

Where did you take the screenshots?