Need help about a gaming website

I wanted to know if anyone had any insight about gaming community/review websites. Game helper websites what ever it is that people call it. My question is that is making a gaming community website actually legal to do like making a website with a forum on it to build a community and posting stuff to help people get better at the game. Having screenshots of the game you play, screenshots that are your own of course not pictures from google.

You don’t really need a forum to build a gaming review/help website. But the forum added on was just an idea.

Legality is a question for a lawyer. We are not lawyers.

That said, making a website about a game is in general not illegal. What you place on said website may be illegal based on the copyrights and enforcement of the company that creates the game, though most don’t hunt down fansites, as it’s generally bad publicity and drives gamers away from their game.

Like any other website, don’t violate copyright, don’t reproduce content without permission, and you should be fine.


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