Need Google Maps API Experienced Developer/s



Hi all,

I was wondering where & how the best way is to find very experienced developers that have worked with Google Maps API? The use of the Google Maps API requires more than that usual or standard use of it, need more of a branded look & features that go outside the normal, therefore I am not sure if that is all front end but either way, need some help in guiding me to who I can ask, which individuals or agency where I can find very experienced developers regarding this API. Hope you guys can help & any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

I'm not experienced in the Javascript world but know the Google Maps API requires this & our business idea can't proceed until this discussion happens with the right person/people.

Many thanks!


Hi avvv welcome to the forum

There are members here that will be able to walk you through whenever you get stuck on something. A few questions to start with.

  • Do you have an API key?
  • What map type(s) do you want to work with?
  • What modifications do you have in mind?
  • How far along are you with development so far?


Hi, thanks for the response!

I'm not a developer but I wanted to touch base with someone experienced & throw some questions at them on finding out if our vision on how we want our maps to work is possible or achievable before we go on.

No API key yet, we are planning on using an online travel agent's API for hotel info, along with connecting to that - we want to utilize Google Maps a specific way, would prefer to share this with the developer or agency recommendation.

The development has not started yet, possibilities need to be known first before we get that going. If you can recommend or guide me to some experienced developers or development agencies - that would be greatly appreciated.



There are many members here that would be able to help you, but details would need to be known in order to provide that help. The SitePoint forum is not a "job board" and as such is not a place to either offer paid services, ask for services, or ask for recommendations for where to obtain services.

On the other hand, if you have questions about what might be possible, that is acceptable as long as you are willing to discuss details if not in specific terms at least with enough detail that will allow discussion.