Need Google Analytics to sell?

My partner built this web app, one year ago
The app been around for 1 year. However, my partner doesn’t install Google Analytics in it. We cannot give analytics/statistics report

My partner is now working for another company.
We decided to sell the web app, because the web app has a good potential, but we don’t have time to upgrade it.

The site built on Google’s Cloude Services, that is Google App Engine

My question is the web app doesn’t have Google Analytics? Do you think anyone want to buy it without analytics report?
I asking this question, because it seems analytics report is one requirement to sell websites/web apps


It’s not a requirement, but it’s a good to have.
Maybe install the GA tracker code now, and wait 1 month to gather data…

I think some buyer want to know the Traffic you site sell, just give the buyer a print screen of your Google analytic charts.

Having some good statistics when trying to sell a product or service is never bad. :slight_smile:

Do you have any other server logs, database stats, or any other “proof” that your traffic is high? Some form of proof would be needed for any serious site and the fact that you don’t have full analytics puts a higher burden on you to prove the worth of your application.