Need easiest/best secure php login/logout with password/username recovery?

Sure I could google and use trial and error forever but I was hoping you all could point me to your prefered go to script for this? Thanks!

Password recovery, or password replacement?

Recovery implies that the password is encrypted rather than hashed - generally a non-encouraged procedure.
Replacement is a one-way hash, so you cant recover the password, you have to…replace…it. Yeah.

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I’m awake, i swear.

Replacement sounds like the way to go. So replacement.

Only replacement. Other ways are unsecure

Ok I’ve got that part now. What I need is the other 20 parts

About what parts you are talking about?

If you are looking for a complete script that will do it, I suggest looking at In the PHP section he shows how to build your login scripts one at a time, covering login, logout, registration, forgotten password, change password, etc.