Need advices about Link Pyramid (backlink)

Hello experts,

I saw service that is available on outsourcing site that “I will create 6400 backlink pyramid for only $10”. I am amaze with such kind of service but i guess he is using automatic software like xrumer to create profile backlinks. I know many webmasters despise such kind of profile link building with auto bots. Many people buy his service and liked but my question is what is the benefit of link pyramid ? Should i have to buy? If i buy then Google will ban my site? bacause there is a blast of 6400 backlinks in few hours.

Please advice me and tell me advantages and disadvantages

I know many webmasters despise such kind of profile link building with auto bots.

You can bet Google does too!

I think you answered your own question. If you really care about your site, don’t look for shortcuts. If it sounds shady, it is shady. C’mon 6400 back-links for 10 bucks?

Yeah for only $10, But what is link pyramid and how it will benefit my site?

If a website can be ranked for 10$, I think SEO companies will despair from this earth. Google can find everything. Google do not suggest to use any software even not for tracking ranks. Google is much smarter than these 10$ guys. Google can see those crap link building. Google can ban your website if you use software for link building.

Link pyramids are just another way of spamming links across the internet. They won’t benefit your site at all. No spam does. And anyone who is offering lots of links for not much money is going to be creating spam, nothing else.

i prefer not to use express service like that .
I bet that google is not stupid about link building service .
Yesterday, i meet with some people that offering me some services like that . They also use some screenshot of the result from their client .
At first, i shocked and believe that . but, after i manually investigate it, i found that is not effective for long terms . Google will always update their formula to avoid link spamming service