Need advice


I am not very often guest here, but know here is the good place for asking for help.

With my partners we are looking to get a managed server for hosting a multifaceted heavy site which contains almost all types of information. (currently under construction)

We were recommended and ooked through a lot of offers, but finally two companies appeared to be the most suitable and desired - for its low cost managed servers and for its brilliant reputation and being the versatile host and domain registrar. We have enough money for getting both accounts, but we care of its reasonable spending, that is why I am asking you about having experinece with these hosts or just tell me points about which of the would be more reasonable choise.

No more suggestions please!!! We have seen so many sites, that our brains won’t stand anymore.

Thanks in advance.

I recommend you to choose Pinellas. If your business will grow, you can switch to Sibername.

Why those companies in particular? Did you use them?

Hi Ktult–I tried to find what you were looking for as far as specs go…is there anything that set them apart?

Were you able to find some reviews on either of them?

You said you were looking for a managed server, it looks like both Siber & Pinellas are shared hosting and dabble into the managed server market. Definitely look at just managed server companies, if that is what you want/need.

Good luck with your search!!!

If you have your decision narrowed down to just those two and you don’t have a preference for the data center location flip a coin to decide. As long as you only sign a month-to-month contract there isn’t much downside with either provider. I’ve read good reviews on both those companies.

If they offer moneyback guarantee you can try them and then ask for refund if not satisfied

why don’t you choose layer tech ?

Not sure if that words for the server setup fees. Once they are paid they cannot be refunded.

Once they are paid they cannot be refunded.

I agree. I do not mean setup fees. But maybe you are right and web hosting company can offer no setup fee but in this case most likely they do not provide money back guarantee

Depends. Each case is different