Need Advice Selling Secretive Network of Sites

Hello, I have a network of sites that I want to sell which have earned me a little over 100k last year and currently have made an average of 8k/month this year. I originally created the sites 2-3 years ago when I needed money very badly, and was trying black hat methods. Now that money isn’t so much of an issue, I want to stick to 100% white hat sites.

The problem is, while they all rank #1 for their keyword, the niche is relatively non-competitive. I have had one competitor who copied one of my sites almost exactly, but apparently he gave up on his PPC campaign.

So the main problem is that the network of sites can be replicated due to the low competition, which is why I cannot simply sell it on a forum, as it seems simply too risky to spread the business concept around, with no guarantee of selling it. Furthermore, it could add competition for the future buyer. I definitely wouldn’t say easily replicated, but with hard work it could be done.

The only “safe” way I can see of selling the sites would be to selling it based on proof of earnings alone without revealing the domains, or find someone who I have 100% trust in.

I have all the visitor and earning statistics to prove that the sites are still profitable, since its not like the sites collapsed or had a huge dip in traffic. It’s more of a personal morality issue for selling the sites, which I know that most marketers don’t care about at all.

Does anyone have any advice on how to sell in this tricky situation?

Also, does anyone have a good estimate how much to sell for? Due to the situation, I am thinking of selling for 50k just to make a quick and easy transaction, even though the sites generate that much in 6-7 months atm.

I, for one, wouldn’t buy a site without knowing the URL. The fact that your network can be easily replicated represents a risk to the buyer. Many a business model has been copied after being listed on digitalpoint/Flippa.

Difficult to say without knowing more details (like the URL for one).

I agree with Hooperman. I don’t see how anyone is going to pay anything near what the sites might ultimately bring without knowing the URL. Your second choice, finding someone you trust, seems like your ONLY choice.

Of course, trust can be developed during the due diligence process. If you could find someone who is interested enough to do some preliminary due diligence on the sites, you can spend that time learning about the buyer and deciding whether he is someone you can trust with your secret.