Need advice on this class function

How safe is this class function. Any improvement please guide me.

public function AddEditCompany($primaryid,$data){
		$updatableFields = array('company_code','company_name','contact_person','company_logo','company_area','company_address','company_contact','company_mobile','company_email','activate');
		$isexist = self::isexist($primaryid,$data['company_code']);
		if($isexist == 0){
		 	$ins_sql  = $primaryid==0?"INSERT INTO ".$this->tablename." SET ":"";//insert or update
			$wheresql  =  $primaryid==0?"":" WHERE company_id=" . (int) $primaryid;
			$addsql = "";
			foreach($data as $key=>$val){
					$addsql .= "`" . $key . "`='".dbconnect::escape($val)."'";
			$finalsql  = $ins_sql.$addsql.$wheresql;
				return 1;
				return 'Unable to Update. Data Error.';
		} else {
			return 'Company Code Already Exists. Try different one.';

if $primaryid is not 0, you will send an invalid query.

I would suggest you look at INSERT…ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE in your database flavor’s documentation. It will simplify your logic significantly.

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There’s too much going on in that method and would be more difficult than it needs to be to do unit testing on it. Post or PM. the entire class and I will see about showing you a much better way to go about this.

Good catch [m_hutley]. Sorry this idea came out of no where. I just typed and posted. will correct it.

Since I want this function to work on everywhere I am stopping the idea of DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE somewhat difficult for other members.

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