Need advice on selling text links


I just gotta an email from a company that wants to place text link on my site contents and paying me for $30 a month. I’m wondering how to tell if they are legit and not a scamer. Also, what are some of the questions i should be asking them so that they won’t take advantage of me. I’m a noob in this link thing. Would it affect my google adsense ?


Well I have visited your site in your signature and it looks a fresh and unique one to me.However the problem with selling text link is google dont love this and punish those sites who sell text links in their sites by decreasing page rank and the positive thing is a few months back I have read one of the google employees some lines where he mentioned that google punish it that is right but if you make the link no follow then google will not harm you.But still I have doubt on it.However you may consider a good affiliate network to make more money from your site or may be you may work with buysellads network where you dont have to do nothing except a banner on your site and make more money than the email is offering and it is safe.

Google will have no problems from you by the time you feel that links that you are selling as nofollow

no follow link ?
then it’s doesn’t helpful

#1 advice: Don’t oversell - 3-4 links is enough.

#2 advice: Don’t put up anything that would devalue your own site in your own eyes (i.e.: explicitly pornographic content is generally a no-no, unless your site is explicitly pornographic and you don’t mind).

…and the most important advice: keep a roster of your advertisers and pitch them with offers from time to time.