Need advice on selecting CRM, Email service & tracking plugins for WP site

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I hope this is the right place to post, apologies if not.

TLDR. In short, I am looking for the best solution to record CRM info from a quote request form, on my WP site, whilst also triggering an automated emails sequence that leads to an online booking system. The online booking system also needs to be integrated with the CRM tool. I want to be able to track as much of the link following as possible and have flexibility with email automation for following up on leads.

I am building my first website and I am overwhelmed by the number of different web tools/combinations of tools that can be used to create a given outcome. My WP site is for a small business which carries out energy efficiency surveys on houses. For comparisons sake, we can say it is similar to a domestic plumber service. I am hoping that someone might have some advice on the best plugins/services I should integrate with it.

I have described the desired functionality below, in sections. I am happy to hear any suggestions even if they are only relevant to a particular section.

1.The form on the website


Client fills out a form which calculates a price based on selected parameters. (I have built this form on elementor pro and I bought the dynamic content plugin so that I could input formulas to do the calculation).


When the client submits the form they will receive an email with the calculated price and a link to my online booking system. I am currently using squarespace/acuity for bookings but this can be changed if a better alternative is found


When the client submits the form, I want the CRM that my form is connected with to create a new contact in the software. I want the information that was put into the form to be recorded as additional info on the CRM for this new contact. In particular I want to record the price of the job and the address of the property.

I have explored hubspot but it looks like some of the features that I might want in regards to email automation are only available in pro version for $800 a month. No thanks. I also tried sendinblue but the parameters that were recorded to the CRM via the mailoptin plugin were limited to email and names, so I could not automate inputs for location, services required and price.

2.The booking system.

As mentioned I am already using squarespace scheduling/acuity but willing to change


Client follows the link in the quote email to booking page, makes a booking and pays a deposit.


Client receives a confirmation email and has facility to change/cancel appointment through email link


Client receives sms & email reminder notifications in advance of appointment


The booking software sends me an email notification that a booking has been made and creates an appointment in my calendar and an invoice in my accounting software. I use quickbooks for accounting and this is very unlikley to change. squarespace does all the above but might not be fit for purpose in regards to interacting with CRM, see below.


The booking software is also connected to the CRM and records who is booked and the input field parameters from the booking form. All details recorded during the booking process are copied into CRM.

3.Email service and tracking


I want to be able to track the number of quotes issued by the form and also be able to separate this information into categories based on location, services required and cost of the job. I can currently do this but only to a point using elementor dynamic content but this plugin only allows me to set 1 condition per email and I think I need multiple fields.


I want to be able to see who is getting a quote and continuing to book. I also want to see who is getting a quote and not booking. Then I want to be able to compare the data from completed bookings against the numbers of quotes issued in a nice all in one package


As described in 2.5, I want an automated system that will email potential clients that did not complete a booking. Ideally this would be in conjunction with the booking system and will only send emails when I have availability.

There are probably more tools that I will want but this is more than enough for now. I don’t expect that an all in 1 solution exists for me, but here’s hoping. Otherwise, I am happy to glue various affordable plugins together to see how close I can get to the results I am looking for.

Thanks for the support

I am suggesting the implementation of live chat in your system. In case there is some trouble in purchasing, the client does not feel stuck and runs away. You may have good products bad businesses is not smart overall.

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