Need advice on making a PHP system that manipulates vhost records

Hi guys, I am going to be building a system that deals with manipulating vhost records; creating, updating, deleting them etc… and I need advice on the best way to do this. Is it possible to manipulate the file system in this way without a security issue? This system will not be public. Has anyone had experience doing this before?


That’s what cPanel, Plesk, and all the other server control panels every web host uses do. Except they don’t run through apache, they run their own web server, and I believe most of their scripts are written in Perl. But the idea is the same, a web interface for managing system configuration files.

Hey Dan, thanks for the response.

I found out that Plesk provides a shell script to do this, so I am going to use that. If I do it my own way Plesk’s methods will not work nicely with the system’s.