Need advice on keywords


maybe a real basic question but I am setting up a wedding site and have been asked to enter keywords such as:
wedding photographers in London, wedding photographers in Norfolk, wedding photographers in Bath, christian wedding photographers, asian wedding photographers

etc etc

My concern is that having the word “wedding photograhers” repeated so often may be seen as spam? How best to implement this? Would the following work?

wedding photographers, London, Norfolk, Bath, christian, asian

many thanks!

I think you should go with multiple options.

you should try the google keyword tool. only enter the “wedding” word and search for batter keywords.

yeah, like what Stevie said Google dont give much attention with that…but still you can use it, you can use variations with the word “wedding photographers”

Find as many other words to go with photographer as you can and also find other words like pictures, photos, etc.

I think the bit in red is a better way to go. Remember, it’s keywords, not keysentences. Sure, sometimes it’s better to make a 2- or 3-word phrase (like “wedding photographers”) but you don’t need to pair up every word with every other word.

But before you spend you much time worrying about keywords, remember that Google pays no attention at all to the <meta keywords>, so it will only be noticed by the minor search engines. That’s not to say that you shouldn’t use it, but when you’re thinking about the best use of your time, it isn’t worth spending hours on something that is only going to make at most a tiny difference to search engines used for about 5% of searches…

Repetition is not at all necessary. In fact it is not advisable. It can be considered as spamming and moreover the second option that you have thought of will definitely serve your purpose.

You can use Google Keyword suggestion tool for keyword research or advice.

no it will not consider as spam. use it

Though you require an advice on keywords, creating separate pages on the top two best keywords by often updating them with useful content will help you very much better in terms of traffic and ranking. All the best!

Not quite sure what you mean by that? I have keywords and description in place and have kept keywords to largely single words. I do understand that keywords these days are not recognised much by google.

that is good to use upper two for site. but can we change them after some days?

to make it more easy to deal with it… i suggest to it in a natural way… its better that way… but still mentioning those kws…