Need Advice for Language in Design-Phase Sign-Off

Hi, we’re developing a fairly large CMS-driven site for a very particular client. We’ve developed our static design development presentations showing the home page and 3-5 typical page content types in Illustrator and sent as PDFs. These designs are very detailed and we have gone through 2 rounds of revisions, but are finally at a point where we can get sign-off and move to production.

So we are preparing a sign-off sheet to send with our final design presentation so that we can be certain there will be no more changes. But our background is more print design, and in that case the client is signing-off on every final piece of a design project.

But with a large site like this that will be template-driven, the client has only seen 4-6 typical page types of what will probably be a 100-150 page site. Invariably, there will come some specific pages/content types that will need something a little more custom than what our general styles are showing in this sign-off presentation.

  • Any tips on language we can include here that would basically keep the client from nitpicking us to death on each new page type that they see?

We’re basically trying to say that we will use the design standards and sensibilities outlined in the sample pages we are showing in our presentation to create a beautiful site for our client. Basically - trust us as the designers now. But we need something a bit more legally binding with this client.