Need advice for accessible, responsive multi-tiered menu

I need to build a responsive site with a menu system that can go 3 levels. I’m guessing that drop-downs are out of the question. Top level would be probably about 7 links, second level maximum 8 links, third tier maximum 6 links. I want the site to also work on mobile devices and also to be accessible. I have a fair amount of experience with responsive design, but with the accessibility and mobile accessible experience I could really use some good advice.

I’m having a difficult time strategizing how to do this. Does anyone have any ideas?




Here’s a few tips, always ensure navigable via keyboard/mouse IE device independant. Focus should be clearly vissible. Avoid dependancies on plug-ins, javascript etc. Get it tested by people who use assistive technology like screen readers etc.

You have free access to assistive technology such as NVDA for PC, Voice Over for IOS/Mac, Talkback for Android and there are various user groups that would be glad to test your site.