Need advice about uploading files

Up until now I have had a quotation page on which my customers can upload three files(photos) to my site. They fill in the form giving their details and telling me what the need me to do to their photos. If they have a large file there is a link to a large file upload through Sendspace. The problem with Sendspace is I can’t ask for the customers address or any more than their email. I am considering dumping the upload to my site and just using the sendspace upload but if I do that then I need to have the customer fill in a contact page as well so that I have all the info I need for the quote and invoicing. I’m not sure if this is all a good idea or if I keep it the way it is now or not.
the page is here (the upload is not working, i messed it up somehow)

Any thought on this would be appreciated.

Thank you

thanks I’ve sorterd it out myself