Need adbrite alternative that does't violate adsense TOS


Lately adbrite has been showing alot of annoying banners, and many with repetitive audio that annoys users to the point where they must leave the website or click a random link just to get away from the sound.

I only get about 900 uniques per month, so i don’t qualify for alot of the “good ad networks”.

However a majority of my income comes from adsense, so I would like the adbrite alternative to not violate the adsense TOS because.

I’m not looking for popup, popunder, inline ads, or full page ads. So basically nothing annoying lol.

Thank you n advance for your replies.

Hi Nosferatu,

You can control which ads you receive using the family friendly setting. If you select to only receive family friendly ads it would remove the types of ads you referenced in your post. A large number of publishers like to receive all available ads in order to maximize their earnings, so we let publishers select the types of ads they receive using the family friendly settings.

-AdBrite Erik

Hi Saman-

If you have any questions about your payment please contact us directly. We can’t discuss your account specifics publicly due to our privacy policy.

The most common reason a payment is delayed is that a publisher sets a minimum payment that is too high. For example if you have a minimum payment of $500, but have earned $250, the payment will not be sent.

The earnings page does not show adjustments for things like advertiser non-payment. You will want to account for that when choosing your minimum payment amount. Let’s say you see $500 earnings on your earnings page and set your minimum payment to $500. If an advertiser pays late there can be an adjustment and the true earnings can be lower. If there is an adjustment of $1 your true earnings are $499, which is below your minimum payment. A check would not be sent.

Adjustments are usually small, and if you take them into account when choosing your minimum payment you will not have this issue. Using the $500 example, you would want to set the minimum payment to a lower amount like $450 if you want to receive the check in the closest payment cycle.

I hope this helps,

AdBrite Erik

I’ve been referred to which looks pretty promising but I’m still waiting for them to respond back to my email.

In the meantime, does anyone else know of any ad networks I can apply for? Would prefer an ad network which doesn’t display ads with repetitive audio such as adbrite. I haven’t experienced any flash ads from adsense with this problem, but i would like my revenue to not be totally dependent on adsense.

Thank you in advance.

I am fairly sure that most affiliate campaigns don’t violate Googles TOS as they are not contextual.

the other big advantage of affiliate campaigns is that you are able to manually select the banner/creative that fits your websites image.

Worth a try?

Most ad networks don’t have audio ads.


Yes, well adbrite says the same. They say ads with audio do not autoplay unless a user clicks “Play”.

However adbrite tends to use alot of 3rd party banner networks, and unfortunately those are the ads that cause me issues.

I’ve had audio ads auto play, and I’ve even had banners display javascript popups and completely redirect my users to another website without any interaction from them.

I get about 1,000 uniques per month so there’s not many ad networks I can be approved for.

So basically I was just curious which ad networks do people use for low traffic websites that they haven’t had audio or javascript popup issues with the banners displayed from that ad network?

Thank you in advance for all your replies and help.

Okay so today I get a email from adbrite saying that my website has adult content… Although i have no idea what they are talking about, and waiting for an email for them to clarify.

Anyway, the email was to alert me that because of the adult content they moved my banner zone to an adult ad network.

So i log in the website and see naked women and sexual content all over the ads. I really hope i don’t run into no legal issues because of this. I mean my website is used by people in school and work, and there’s explicit sexual content all over the ads they had displaying on my website:(.

It’s crazy how they just switch me without asking for my permission :(. Especially considering that fact that compared to ebaumsworld my content is rated G, yet they have no problem displaying ads on ebaumsworld.

Unfortunately I have yet to find an adbrite replacement…

Any suggestions on reliable ad networks that allows websites with about 900 uniques a month to join would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance for your replies.

Have you tried CPA Networks, they may work for you.

Have you looked at the following?

Hi every one,
Beware! adbrite didnt pay me. I was waiting to collect my payments for their 60 days pay period and i earned over $600. My site is a legitimate social network. My minimum payout was $100 but stil i didn’t get the payments. after 5 months and more than 10 emails this is what i got at the end. So i stop using adbrite coz it wasted my time and money.

Thank you for contacting us.

Uncollected payments, delayed payments, and advertiser refunds for non-billable advertising will bring your eligible matured earnings below your minimum check amount. Looking into your account, a payment was not processed for these reasons. Unfortunately we are unable to pay out earnings that we have not yet received. Please note that we are actively working to collect all outstanding payments and once received, the amount will be immediately added to your next monthly payment. Unfortunately until payment is received, neither you nor AdBrite will get paid. I would recommend that you lower your minimum check amount to offset any of these potential Advertiser refunds and receive all earnings that are owed to you.

We apologize for any inconvenience or confusion. If you have any additional questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Best regards,

Eli S.
Customer Support

After this i lowered my minimum payouts to $10 bucks! stil no news after another 4 months!

AdBrite is garbage. They basically only serve “junk ads” like ring tones, dating and other such useless ads. I highly suggest that they be avoided at all costs. Worst ad network I have ever seen.

As for saman and his not getting paid. Since it is $600, which is not a trifle sum, I would highly recommend calling both the BBB and your state’s Attorney General’s office and have them look into this. The email they sent you is obviously boilerplate and really has nothing to do with your request, but is just a blow-off. It is not your fault that their affiliates are not paying them. They and their partners still got all of that free advertising on your site and you ended up with nothing. So they should cough up regardless. If you see what I mean.