Need a Web Interface for .Net

I created a card game a long time ago that is Windows based. I wanted to modify the game so that it can be played in a browser.

I have been looking into Java Applets and it looks like those would work fine for what I need. After learning this I was going to start making the interface but my game engine and other items are made using C# and I can’t figure out how to make Java Applet work with my C# libraries.

I don’t want to rewrite my entire game using Java or PHP or anything else. I checked ASP.Net pages but I don’t see how I can use that to make the game interface.

I can’t figure out what type of interface I could use to allow people to play the game from my website and not having to download the windows application to their computer.


Finding a good IDE with debugger (that compares to Visual Studio) doesn’t exist.

Syntax is crazy, and it lacks TOO MANY useful built in functions. I am so spoiled with C#

I can’t even convert things easy, there is not TryParse, there is no easy way to check a string for numeric, etc… AFAIK!

Silverlight? Comes to mind.

This might help get you up to speed on Silverlight:

I don’t like Flash at all. It’s very annoying and also very slow even on my fast connection. When I go to a website that’s completely made from flash it makes me sick. It’s just too slow and, idk I find it very annoying.

I will check out silverlight and see if that works for me.

So I take it that there is no way to use a JavaApplet interface with a C# libraries?


There might be, but in my personal experience it would be hacky and unreliable. [COLOR=Silver]Plus I dislike Java, its always a pain.


Doesn’t really matter, if users want the content they will or already have Silverlight installed.
Sofar only those with a Vedanta don’t install addons like Flash and Silverlight.

why dont use flash ?
lots of facebook browser game using it.
as for the silverlight, user must have the silverlight installed in their browser, like flash player. But most user have flash player installed by default from their browser.