Need a twitter help

Need your help!

I’ve been struggling gaining relevant followers on my twitter business account. Is anyone here can suggest me of on what to do? Or tools that can help me gain relevant followers in less time?

Thanks in advance.

You’ve described your issue but not any of the benefits for the user… What does your business offer? Why should someone follow you?

I’m running a restaurant furnishing business. I need relevant followers to offer my products. What’s the best way to do it?

If you want to build up a following of genuine potential customers, you need to project your personality thru your Twitter and not all talk about your business and your products. Most business Twitter accounts fail because they’re nothing but a splurge of sales & marketing dribble and people don’t want that.

Post things relevant, but personal, for example a restaurant meal your enjoyed and comment on the furnishings, post / share pictures of inspiring restaurant interiors, etc.

Think about your audience - are they restauranteurs / owners? what would they be interested in? Talk about that.

Gaining ONE real follower because they liked what you Tweet about is worth more than 100+ followers you acquired thru some ‘get-followers-quick’ scam.

What benefit do you see Twitter having on your business?

This is a serious question. Why will people who aren’t already your customers want to follow you? What real benefit will they get?

It is my belief that you shouldn’t really worry too much about social media in your situation because even with several thousand followers your sales/leads will not improve.

^ What he said.

Put yourself in the shoes of a potential follower. What do you offer me with your tweets?

I have a few 1000 followers; I assume they want to read what I tweet; its worth their while to follow me; I try to provide what they want to hear about.

I only follow 18 people - those 18 provide info on things I want to know about; I do not follow anyone for the sake of following them.

Think about it …

there is many tool that will help you to get more follower like socialmediaexplode

hi can you tell me some tools which helps out me…

Have you looked at FollowerWonk? A nice tool for building audiences