Need a little help with Preview audio & email to web post setup

Need help with three things if anybody can help me-- if I am in the wrong place sorry in advance can you point me to the right place on the forum…

  1. i have a site called im working on to sell beats thats with a idev script called musicvendor that does work fine in all stand points of me testing it. Need to know how to list all my 40,000 ebooks with resell rights at “one time” rather then one by one? Like in some type of database insert where everything is the same price! with its shopping cart type feature. And place the mp3 for sale preview in the title sorta like

  2. I want to allow people to sign up for a email address on any of my web servers sorta like gmail does or yahoo or hotmail. The setup gateway toward where i dont have to go in my web servers control panel and setup each email one at a time. or a email generator or something.

3.I want to auto post all emails to a word press page or some type of content management system toward where they will be google voice voicemails, transcribed messeges or text messeges.Where I will control who can view it and such and such! This optin is in wordpress’s duscussion setup area but it doesnt work for me!? Am I doing something wrong? i am doing exactly what is says!