Need a Line In a List

I apologize Paul - I see there’s overflow:hidden on #btmnav .us. Well anyway I tried deleting that but IE6 still vaporizes the drops, so I’m happy to just wait till IE6 dies :slight_smile:

Though I don’t see how that overflow:hidden can affect any ul that doesn’t have <ul class=“us”>…

No prob. Glad someone came up with something that works : )

it’s not clear to me if you tried this.

because the green line exceeds to border in Ch, in the latest link you provided…

Oh, NOT that…


… have ANY **** business in the markup. With those values, I’d probably put a class saying WHAT that LI is on it and using border-top with padding and margins instead (IN THE STYLESHEET, NOT THE MARKUP!)… Hell, looking at it on the page I’m not even sure I’d have it PART of the preceding UL.

OK, this just seems too obvious. Assuming, that semantically you wanted to keep it as one list. why not create a class and add it to the dividing LI items.

.rule { border-top: 1px solid green}
your mark up then would much cleaner:

<li><a href=“#”>text</a></li>
<li class=“rule”><a href=“#”>South Africans</a></li>

Hahah… Shadow, beat me to the answer while I was checking my spelling.


display: inline-block;

on the hr :wink:

this is a hack, a test, a play.

you should start a new list within the list :slight_smile:

Start a new list