Need a host that will let me install XTide

I contacted my host BEFORE I purchased and asked if I signed up can I install XTide the support/sales rep said yes…long as it runs on Linux I can install it…So I pay for the year…Go to look for telnet or SSH to install and a big NO they don’t offer that - so it would appear I don’t think I can install it. Mind you I am not an expert on Linux or its installs. The rep keeps telling me ‘upload it via FTP then install’ and I say how do I install without a command prompt? and he says - you’re not able to run any command

Does anyone know of a host that will get this up and running for me? I’m not 100% sure how to use the software once I have it I know it runs some xttpd server that you pass commands to in order to get a response. I’ve got it installed locally.

The gist of this is I’m running a surf report site and I need access to reliable tide data and I want to control the format I don’t want to pull the data and advertise for somebody else.

If you can’t install that personally because you do not have SHH why don;t ask your web hosting provider to do that?

Some web hosting providers provide SSH by the request. So why don’t send the same request to them and ask about that?
Or just find another web hosting company which will allow that and which will provide you SSH


That sounds like some proper server software which would mean your only choice is going to be a VDS/VPS or a dedicated server - no responsible host is going to let you install software that runs as a daemon on to their servers, if they will then I’d look elsewhere as it’s not a good sign.


What about using Slice Host for this?

Slicehost will allow anything as you have full root control, but they’re an unmanaged provider so won’t do it for you, or necessarily help out if you get stuck.

Don’t you think that is too late to recommend something to him. (I’m looking on the date of the first post in this thread)