Need a good FREE editor (a DW wannabe) for a non-prof client (mac)

hi all, hope this is the right thread for this.

i’m doing some pro bono stuff for a non-prof right now and it sure would help them maintain the site if i could find a text editor with site management features like DW. (kind of like gimp does lots of photoshop stuff.) free is best, but under $100 might fly, too.

minimally, i’d like it to:
update links when files move or names change
have a template feature, including locked and editable area recognition

would also be nice if it had a library items feature with updating functions similar to DW.

wysiwyg/design view is not necessary. the person who will be doing most of the updating is used to working in text edit.


You might look into CoffeeCup’s latest HTML editor ($49). Read up on it’s features; I use CF Builder ($300) so I’m not sure about these free/next-to-free editors.