Need a Document Management Solution

Been thinking about using a document management solution for our hospital in Toronto. Right now we have the hard copy of patient records which is becoming extremely labour intensive to manage.

Moreover, physicians need the previous ER charts every time a patient comes to the emergency. Plus the charts pulled were sometimes misplaced or not sent back for re-filling in a timely manner.

So we think digitizing our emergency charts will fix these problems. We already found some pretty good firms providing document management solutions. However, I think it’s better to hear your suggestions and opinions on this matter before making a final decision.
Waiting for your replies.

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You might be better off contacting other hospitals in Toronto and surrounding cities and towns asking them first if they’re using some sort of electronic document management system and if they are which one and could they recommend and or review it


I’d go with SpacePhoenix’ suggestion. As soon as you get into storing patient related data, you are going to have to jump through any number of regulatory hoops before a system can be cleared for use.

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Why not you try on github?

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