Need a DIY site builder solution for my clients

I sell a training course for people looking to start a car detailing business.

It includes a website template designed just for car detailers.

My customers send me their company name, email, prices, etc. and I populate the template, then create a subdomain on, and upload the site for them.

Is there a website that will automate this for me? It must work this way:

  1. Customer creates a log in.
  2. Logs in and edits the template in a simple, DIY interface.
  3. Chooses and creates subdomain.
  4. Site goes live on the subdomain.
  5. Customer can log in at later time and edit the template as needed.

Hi there,

What you refer to there is a CMS eCommerce solution like opencart or prestashop. CMS meaning content management system. You can set up a store for them and then send them a link together with admin login details so that they can then login themselves and change the password.

I understand that you are probably referring to a web page rather than an entire shop so maybe you should just google CMS system and try and find something a little more stripped down but basically it works on a technology called the L.A.M.P. stack.

L is for LINUX - the server operating system(most companies use LINUX but this can be substituted for WINDOWS W.A.M.P.)

A is for Apache - the server hosting software

M is for MYSQL which is the database which will hold all of your client website template/login data

P is for PHP -the technology which is used to dynamically render your client’s website by taking the template/login data from the database and presenting it as a page.

L.A.M.P. is easy to install, you can install a test version by just installing Apache on windows (WAMP).

I recommend that you do this and then download and try out various different CMS/E commerce systems.

With regard to the subdomain problem, this will always have to be configured manually in the admin panel of your hosting account, sorry can’t automate that -yet!

best of luck