Need a CMS solution for a pre-designed site

I have a site that is fully designed and content implemented, but need to install a CMS for the client to make changes to the content. I am used to php CMS scripts but not ASP or .Net. Basically all I need is an admin login for the client and there they can select the page they wish to edit.

Can someone please recommend a solution that is easy to install, implement and is free or very inexpensive? Only needs to be a WYSIWYG type editor, not too many bells and whistles.


CushyCMS might be worth having a look at.

Thanks for the suggestion. I’ll check that out now.

I believe Cushy is hosted and probably not what you’re looking for. Check it out though.

The thing I like about Cushy is that you just define a class tag and it places the editable area in that div or table element. All of them that I looked at that are not hosted have predefined templates that I don’t want to have to go back into to match what I have already designed.

I also found surrealCMS that seems to have more features than Cushy.

I also found this one:

but I’ve no experience of using it, or the others mentioned here.