Need a CMS like Sitepoint's Books/Kits section

Hey guys

I could do with your help. I’ve been (unsuccessfully so far) trying to find a CMS which gives you good control of multiple static content blocks.

In other words, I need it to do what the Books/Kits sections of this site does very well - having blocks of content in the left and right column that are specific to each page/(product).

For example, here:

There’s a unique content block for its contents, a unique block for testimonials, another for Documents Included, and so on.

I don’t have a lot of experience with CMS’s. Is this a standard feature of most CMS’s? I know many are very good at dynamic content blocks, but I need static content blocks too.

Do any CMS’s stand out with regards to this? Is this even a non-question (i.e. do most, like Drupal, Expression Engine etc) do this with ease? I know for a fact Wordpress isn’t so strong in this area.

Many thanks guys,


Yes, that’s all very standard. A CMS like ExpressionEngine does this beautifully, and though I haven’t used Drupal, I’m sure this is basic fare. EE is expensive, mind you (for commercial sites, at least) so make sure it’s worth it before you shell out.

From your description I’m not sure what functionality you really need. It may well be that you could do what you want with a very simple CMS like Perch. I’ve been using it a lot lately, and it’s brilliant. Its only limitation is that a client can’t add pages and new content regions themselves.

I’m currently playing with Silverstripe, which is simialr to EE but free. There are hundreds of great options out there.

Thanks Ralph.

One point I should have clarified is that I need different content blocks for each different page (much like the Kits section has several product pages each with different content blocks).

It’s good to hear that this is a standard feature on the whole.

Yeah, that’s a piece of cake, even for a simple CMS like Perch. :slight_smile:

Drupal has these things called “Blocks” and “Regions”. When a Drupal template is created the designer creates specific regions like left, right, header and footer. Or you can create custom regions like inner content, right inner content etc.

Then you just assign blocks to that region, that’s all.