NDAs and developing a site

I had a meeting yesterday and signed a non-disclosure agreement because the site is for a revolutionary new product with a patent pending. So right up until the site goes live no one should really know about its contents.

I’m just wondering about how that affects the development.

Two things:

  1. I have the designs and a local copy of the site on my computer and backup drive during development.

  2. A copy of the test site will be held on a password–protected website on a remote server looked after by my hosting company.

So for the time being this information is quite sensitive. I already have it in my contract that although every care is taken I am not responsible for any files they give me. I also state in it that I cannot guarantee a website won’t get hacked.

It’s highly unlikely but if I got burgled or the web server got hacked this information could leak out. Should I be worried about this?

I thought I can store everything on my Mac in an encrypted .sparseimage file so that’s not so much of a problem. What about the development site? Who would be responsible—me or the hosting company?

What does the NDA say? Some stranger on a forum can’t tell you what you signed. There should be words on the page above your signature - what does it say?

Your second comment makes this more ambiguous - you said that your web design contract says that you cant be help responsible for damages caused by the site getting hacked, but you also said in the first post that you ‘can’t guarantee that the site won’t get hacked’ which isn’t the same thing.

When dealing with contracts/agreements, this kind of vague communication is going to hurt you in the end. What you post on a forum doesn’t matter, and paraphrasing what the agreement says then asking what it means probably won’t get you anywhere.

Look at the contract, the NDA, and anything else you signed. Note the EXACT WORDS that are in the agreement. Those words and those words only will give you the answer to your question.

Are you saying the NDA should cover that then? The NDA only refers to communicating about the idea and using it for my own gain.

Hosting wise I just put in all my contracts that I cannot be held responsible for damages caused by the site getting hacked. That’s as far as my indemnity goes currently.

What does the NDA say? Your post contradicted itself. Are you indemnified if the site is hacked or not?